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    Since us bisexuals, asexuals, and pansexuals don’t exist, laws do not apply
    Rob a fucking bank, if you don’t exist they can’t arrest you

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  2. Hopeless.

  3. I was better.

  4. To think that maybe all this time was wasted, and here I am, not knowing if I can do anything about it. It’s silly wondering if I was meant to go through this. Because maybe I deserve it. I just want everything to be…at ease again, that’s all, that’s all I’m asking….

  5. Eh;

    I’ll never be as important to him as I want to be, and I finally accept that.

  6. Id just like to down a bottle of sleeping pills and sleep…forever…

  7. so im gonna go on a little rant, bla bla bla.


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