I live for.

I'm waking up, so this isn't going to be an intelligent view of myself, because after highschool, I truly don't know who I am.. or who I want to become. Life is taking me into all new directions, & sculpting me in ways I thought impossible, but I'm ready. It's scary not knowing, but exciting at the same time.

He says something hurtful and it makes my heart sink…

That moment when;

You realize someone has done so much for you, but you have no clue how to show how thankful you are for what they’ve done. :(

It’s true

All my life I’ve always gotten yelled at for not hanging out with friends that want to hangout with me. And reason being is because I will FOREVER feel like a burden, like I somehow always bother people, and it may just be in my head but that’s how I feel and probably always will. Sometimes, I wished I could get a decent paying job and a one bedroom apartment by myself so I never had to bother or be a burden on someone to take care of me, or my needs. Or have to listen to my incessant blabbering that constantly repeats myself. Its fine. Though, really. I’ll get through it in my head. Bla bla bla

Anonymous asked: If I got pregnant,my parents wouldn't help me with shit. Everything I have was bought with my own money that I budgeted and saved,or money my hunny made. No one bends over backwards for me. No one has ever bailed me out of any situation I have ever gotten myself into. Your life is different. Your parents help you. Your parents would go into debt to help you avoid facing any consequences. Not everyone has that luxury,remember. Not everyone is taken care of. Thanks for the advice though?


Most of everything we have we worked for too, my parents didn’t help with the apartment or car or any of that. If my hubby was to lose his job, my parents wouldn’t bail us out, they wouldn’t be able too. I’d have to go back home and live with them until I’m back on my feet or the boyfriend was. So, no, I wouldn’t be bailed out of everything, and for the record, having a baby shower is a good reason why I’m getting most of what I need for the little man.

Anonymous asked: " i made my choices following my heart, and NOT my head" I'm jealous of this. I wish I could just do whatever I wanted without negative consequence ever. I wish I had someone to bail me out of things I get myself into. It seems like a really charmed nice life. I have a burning envy for your blessed, disney princess life. Not everyone has it so easy. Most people don't have the freedom to do anything they want unless they are rich.


You always could follow your heart and not your head, its been YOUR choice all along. I feel sad for you that you can’t see that, and you don’t need to be rich to live how I am. Everyone knows I’m certainly not. I just worked hard towards what little I have. And I’m happy with it. In due time better things will come for me. And hopefully they come for you as well. Don’t be jealous! Live like a damn Disney princess, we live ONCE, and I’m not taking that for granted for one second.

Anonymous asked: That's not funny. I miss you. I miss YOU. YOU you. The real you, the true you, I miss it. I wish you would stop hiding behind these parts you play. I love YOU. Not the faces, never the faces.


Obviously the real me, wasn’t good enough because so many around me are trying to shape everything I am, and my beliefs. I’m not a logical thinker, when it comes to life descisions, i never will be. And its never ever let me down. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now because of the fact that i made my choices following my heart, and NOT my head. And I do not regret a single descision. The faces i have are to prevent the arguements, fights, and whatever else may come to those who don”t believe in me or my choices. That’s why they are there. I can go about my day still living the way I want, and no one else wants.

Anonymous asked: What is your vision of heaven?


Special k. ;) lolol

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Anonymous asked: I want to see into your brain, know what your idea of true beauty in the world is. I want to know what things make you peaceful and blissful. Post some things you think are beautiful?


My idea of true beauty in the world, is unreachable. Coffee and a ciggarette in the morning are my peace and bliss. I’m a simple creature, and always will be.

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